Phil Davison

Phil is a social entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience working in the areas of strategic planning, applied research, community development, policy creation, partnership negotiation, facilitation, developmental evaluation and entrepreneurship. He is dedicated to offering these services to our local communities, and assisting in the path towards a shared, sustainable future.

An avid dreamer and devoted family member, Phil approaches every partnership with authenticity and grace. Skilled in "making the most of what we have", he brings his practical experience from growing up in a rural town to transform any object into something new, useable and beautiful.

Sarah Davison

Artist, photo/video content creator and island studies thesis student, Sarah acts as our key communications person. You will probably spot her around the property taking photos for our online platforms, or furiously focused on her computer screen at a local coffee shop - researching, writing and editing. Sarah works to provide Island businesses with creative tools and resources, content creation, and arts-based workshops.

Caroline Davison

As a lawyer working for the Human Rights Commission in Charlottetown, Caroline is passionate about her work, restorative justice and improving workplace dynamics. 

Marjorie Davison

With a long career leading industry and educational initiatives at provincial, regional and national levels, she is a tireless advocate for women, diversity and inclusion. 

Luke Davison

Never without a smile, Luke spends the summers on the island while he's home from his studies. Most days, you'll find him working the rides at Shining Waters Family Fun Park.

As people, we work for the betterment of our communities, our Island and our country. We come together to make the most of our unique individual backgrounds, sharing our skillsets in creative ways to ignite positive change in the lives we touch, as well as in our own.

As a business, we aim to peacefully collaborate with partners and community stakeholders, drawing on our collective assets to design transformative experiences by way of retreats, workshops, facilitation and consulting, events, and arts and culture programming.

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